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Zapraszam do obejrzenia strony Powiat Poddębicki - Environment.


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Environmental and tourist values: the Poddębicki District is surrounded by forests, often visited by hunters from Poland and abroad. Talking about the district values it is important to mention the „Jeziorsko” retention reservoir in the community of Pęczniew, which is the second biggest in Poland. The reservoir gives many recreation possibilities for the fans of bath, water sports, fishing, resting by the water. The southern part of the reservoir belongs to a Protected Landscape Area by the Warta river. Tourists are attracted by agrotourist farms. The visitors can choose between a large variety of accommodation offers. The castle of Uniejów from the 14th century famous in the entire Poland, holiday resorts in the community of Pęczniew, accommodation in the Poddębice Forest Inspectorate in Rodrysin these are only some of the places worth to visit and spend a nice time.


Forest Reserve „Napoleonów” – located in the Poddębice community, in the Napoleonów forestry, area of 38,63 ha. Protection goal: oak forest and other rare plant species preservation for the scientific and didactical reasons. It is characterized by a beautiful forest landscape of an about 100years old oak forest and a mixed forest with a lush, multi-species undergrowth.

Ornithological Reserve „Jeziorsko” – located in the Warta and Pęczniew community area of 2.350,6 ha. Protection goal: water fowl mainstay in the shallow part of the reservoir. Until today there appeared about 250 bird species, including150 hatching ones. In the passage period the number of the birds in the reserve exceeds 10 thousand specimen, among which also exotic species sporadically flying above the territory of Poland.

„Jeziorsko” water reservoir – created by a dam separating the Warta valley between Skęczniewo and Siedlątkowo, delivered in 1986. One of the biggest buildings of this kind in Poland of an area above 42 km2. The borders of the reservoir are gradually developed for the numerous tourists, water sport fans and fishermen. In the southern part of the reservoir there is an ornithological reserve.

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